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Pirelli Scorpion Winter


Scorpion Winter

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SCORPION™ WINTER has been designed to fit modern SUVs and CUVs, with a special focus on the high-end segment. The goal is no fear in down-hill braking and cornering in winter road conditions, whilst maintaining total control.


  • Directional & symmetric tread pattern design with modular block geometry and sipe layout
  • Circumferential grooves: two and four groove version
  • New mould profile
  • New tread pattern compound with innovative materials
  • Increasing “grip”: handling and traction on snow conditions and braking performance on dry surfaces
  • Improves the water expulsion
  • Provides an optimized footprint area
  • Maximum grip both on snow and wet road conditions, weight reduction
  • Improved handling on snow surfaces and reduce the braking distance in all winter driving conditions. Improve traction, lateral force during cornering, slalom and lane change situations
  • Excellent wet handling and wet braking performance
  • Progressive and responsive handling in dry conditions
  • Lower fuel consumptions and maximum grip both on snow and wet road conditions

Tyre Size Fully fitted price:
Size 19 Tyres
Pirelli Scorpion Winter 235/55R19 101H D B 70
Pirelli Scorpion Winter 235/55R19 101H D D 72
Pirelli Scorpion Winter 255/50R19 103T C B 69
Pirelli Scorpion Winter 265/50R19 110H C C 70
Size 20 Tyres
Pirelli Scorpion Winter 235/50R20 100T A B 69
Pirelli Scorpion Winter 255/50R20 109V C C 72
Pirelli Scorpion Winter 275/45R20 110V C B 71