Alloy wheel refurbishment restores kerbing, scuffing and chipped alloys. The damages will be inspected to make sure that the alloys will be refurbed back into their original brand new state.

It can be difficult to avoid damage within the pace of modern driving life so refurbing an alloy instead of replacing can quite often be the cheaper option.

Alterations. With alloy refurbishments sometimes a customer may decide to change the colour/design of their alloy wheels giving more flexibility to styling their vehicle.


Questions and Answers


Can damaged alloys cause tyre damage?

Flat tyres can be caused by corrosion/damage to the interior of the alloy wheel. This prevents the bead of the tyre from sealing properly and can lead to slow air loss, hence to slow tyre puncture.

What is a Diamond cut wheel?

Diamond cut alloy wheels visually appear different from the average painted alloy wheel. They are often described to have a ‘shiny’ finish resembling much like of a compact disc. This type of alloy needs special machinery to give this shiny effect.

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