All Fluid Check

Ensuring that your vehicles fluids are topped up is all part of the ongoing maintenance and is essential in keeping your vehicle running and avoiding breakdowns.
It is recommended that the Fluid levels are checked every month and topped up as necessary. At Fast Fit Tyres , Central we can check fluid levels for a small cost and top them up if needed.

The following fluids are checked:

Engine Oil

This is your vehicles most important fluid. Components within an engine can spin thousands of times each minute and without the correct lubricant from oil this can increase wear and friction.

You can quickly check your engine oil at home, just pull out the dipstick, wipe the oil from stick with a clean cloth and dip the stick back into the engine. Remove the stick and check to see whether your oil is low, there is usually an indicator on the dipstick which shows what the level should be.
If you are not sure and need help we can check this for you at Fast Fit Tyres 

Brake Fluid

When you step on the brake pedal braking is supposed to happen instantly, so if something doesn’t feel quite right there could be a delay in your braking or it feels spongey when pressing the pedal then you should check your brake fluid.

Checking brake fluid is easy, you vehicle will have a brake fluid reservoir in the engine. If you are not sure where to find it you can refer to your vehicle handbook.  You should check that the level is correct and also that the fluid is transparent. If it is cloudy or dark in colour then it will need to be replaced. Alternatively you can call in to see Fast Fit Tyres where we will be happy to assist you further.

Transmission Fluid

This serves a similar purpose to engine oil protecting and cooling the components inside the vehicles transmission.

All Fluid Check


For a small fee we can check all of your fluid levels including oil, screenwash, powersteering, coolant and brake fluid.

**Additonal charges apply if fluid top-ups are required**


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