TPMS Service Kit

TPMS  is an electronic system that monitors the air pressure in your tyres. The performance of your tyres is directly related to the inflation pressure of that particular tyre, correct tyre pressures means better performance from your vehicle whether that be overall stability, brake efficiency or handling. So it is important that your TPMS is working correctly. If your tyres are not at the correct inflation levels (whether it be over-inflated or under-inflated) the TPMS will alert you by activating a warning light on the vehicles dashboard. Usually if the light is steady it means the tyre pressure needs to be checked but if the light is flashing you should get your TPMS checked (some vehicles may differ). 

TPMS usually don't need to be replaced that often, maybe once every  3-7 years, based on how much information they are transmitting. If the tyre pressure has dropped for example then the TPMS will be transmitting more information by activating the dashboard light. If the TPMS sensor is removed or has to be replaced then you should get a new TPMS service kit. 

A TPMS service kit includes a valve core, grommet nut, valve cap and more so that you can maintain your TMPS sensors. If you require a new TMPS service kit or would like any further information regarding them, please feel free to give us a call and we will help.

TPMS Service Kit


TPMS service kits make sure that your TPMS sensors are monitoring the pressure in your tyres as they should. This ensures the safety of your vehicle on the road. Please call us if you would like further inofrmation on TPMS service kits.


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